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“Dr. B is great, the format is excellent, and the materials are all top-notch.  All in all, this is one of the most comprehensive courses you can find.  I'm happy to have been a part of it and will push all my employees through when they are ready.” Chad Frerer


“I learned a lot. Already sent a second employee to it.”  Jeremy Brock


“Excellent structured instruction.  Very well constructed syllabus and meaningful, hands-on exercises to build knowledge and skills.   The instructor was excellent and clearly knowledgeable about this subject matter.”  Steve Stricklin


“Straight forward, not a lot of unnecessary fluff. Directions on the assignments are clear. The flight simulator was fun and do believe that it will help in the field. But the most interesting part of the course is the 3D modelling, can't wait to try on one of our projects.” Michael Hazeltine


“Very in depth. Joes was great at hitting on the little things and small details. Great tutorial videos.”  Patrick Austin


“The use of the simulator was outstanding. The information provided throughout the course was spot on and very informative. This prepared every student for upcoming exams or certifications.”  Raymond Barrick


“I enjoyed the entire course. I have never flown a drone before, and the simulator was a great introduction to UAS flights.”  Richard Hall


“I liked the fact that we were never pressured in staying within the weeks scheduled assignments as they opened week to week. By being able to bounce backwards as needed allowed me to learn at my own pace.”  Kevin Zaloudek


“Instructor made difficult subject matter easy to understand. Interesting and fulfilling assignments.”  Matthew Novotny


“The feedback from Dr. Burgett was always encouraging and prompt! The course is overall well-designed and really helped me to incorporate drone technology into my daily workflow.” James Ling


“This course was very comprehensive for a beginner/novice that is/was unfamiliar with drones.  I recommend this course.”  Jason Ardery


"Joe was always available to answer questions and provide guidance."  Clint Ledford


"The course is well-designed and really helped me to incorporate drone technology into my daily workflow.  The feedback from Dr. Burgett was always encouraging and prompt!"  James Ling


"I learned a lot.  Already sent a second employee to the course."  Jeremy Brock


"One of the things that I liked best about this course is the comprehensive approach it takes with regard to preparing for the FAA Part 107 exam, practicing with the flight simulator, and how to process and present the various types of data captured with a drone by using the appropriate software."  Terry G.


"Everything you needed was given to you right at your fingertips.  It covered everything from filing waivers to doing the computer work of the final data."  Christian Rowe


"My knowledge of drones was extremely limited.  This class expanded my knowledge of the different aspects needed when working with drones.  This class challenged me many times and increased my respect for people who fly drones professionally."  Robert Dawson


"Great course, very informative.  I learned a lot!"  Rahim


"I really enjoyed the photogrammetry component of this course.  I learned so much more than I anticipated."  Christopher Mack, SC High School Teacher.


"I had zero drone experience before this class and it has given me the confidence for future drone flight for my company.  I will definitely recommend it to anybody in my field that is interested in commercial drone use."  Zach Maggio, Safety Director, with Keeley & Sons, Inc 


I really enjoyed the course and feel like I learned a ton.  Going from no experience with drones to being an FAA licensed pilot knowledgeable and experienced with relevant software in a few weeks was great."  Romey James with New York Power Authority


I enjoyed the engagement with the professor. I have 2 bachelors degrees from [] and throughout my entire time there I did not have the engagement and communication with a professor nearly on the level that I have had with Professor Burgett.  I will be recommending this course to everyone I know in the field."  Elliott Hogan with Surveyors Instrument Services, LLC


"The course made me feel confident for the Part 107 exam, and that was very valuable." - Zach Jordan, Senior Project Manager with Tuckercraft


"Great course. A lot of very valuable information and hands-on learning presented concisely.  I'm confident that it would have taken much longer to learn on my own the information presented in this course." - Michael C. Freeland, PLS with Freeland & Associates, Inc.

This course was very well organized and taught. The Part 107 exam preparation was extremely helpful, and the professor did an excellent job of covering the material clearly and concisely.   Zach Weingart, Residential Land Surveyor


What did I like most about the course?  "SIMPLICITY." - Mark Blaylock, GAC Contractors


"This course covered most topics to get our company started using drones. Most topics in one source rather than stitching together several courses from several different sources." - J.W. Morgan, Jr.


"This course was VERY informative." - Chris Coggins, Senior Project Manager with IPW Construction Group, LLC


"Comes with a certificate. Not overly complicated, even using a new software platform for the first time. Good Instructions and videos."  - Aubry Pontious, Landscape Architect WPL

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