Applied Drone Technology
The course is divided into five modules. The course was designed for each module to be completed in a week. However, as this course is completely self-paced, students are free to complete the material at whatever speed they are comfortable with. The course is available for 70 days from the course start date.
Module 1
     • Part 107 exam preparation

Module 2
     • Complete Part 107 preparation and Pass Exam!*
     • Begin flight training with simulator

Module 3
     • Review mission checklists for safe drone operation
     • Controlled airspace LAANC authorization
     • Learn to program waypoint assisted missions
     • Create a basic 3D photogrammetric model
     • Continue flight training with simulator

Module 4
     • Additional flight training with simulator
     • Use surveyed Ground Control Points to enhance your models
     • Take off material quantities (volume and area) from your models
     • Learn to improve models by removing unwanted artifacts

Module 5
     • Privacy and drones
     • Final round of simulated flight training putting your flight skills to the test
     • Create a contour line map from your 3D model
     • Create aerial and sectional orthophotos from your 3D models

* FAA Exam fee not included with course ($93).