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The UAS Vocation Course is Eligible for Post-9/11 GI Bill® Chapter 33 Benefits.

100% Course Fee Reimbursement!

The UAS Vocation course is approved as a Preparatory Course for eligible students using Chapter 33, post 9/11 Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) education benefits.  The course is 100% reimbursed to veterans upon completion.  ENROLL NOW!

What You Need to Know

  1. The Preparatory Course program reimburses eligible veterans 100% of the course fee and Part 107 exam upon completion.

  2. This program does not pay for a monthly housing stipend. 

  3. You do NOT need to pass the FAA Part 107 exam to receive reimbursement.  The benefit pays for retaking the exam if needed.

  4. Only the UAS Vocation course is eligible.  Other courses provided by Clemson Drone are not approved for the benefit.

  5. We will provide you with VA Form 22-10272 and an enrollment verification document for your reimbursement application.

Four Steps to Enroll and Receive Your Benefit

Step #1:  Confirm that you are eligible for Chapter 33 “preparatory course” benefits and have remaining entitlement to cover the course tuition ($3,500) by going to  Log in and copy the italicized text below into the chat box.  You can also call the VA at 1-888-442-4551 for additional clarification.  Please note that the preparatory course program does not pay a monthly housing stipend.

  • My name is (state full name), and I am a veteran with Chapter 33 benefits.  My military ID number is (provide #).  I am interested in taking a preparatory course using the benefits associated with 38 U.S.C. § 3315B – Preparatory courses for licensure, certification, or national test.  Can you please confirm that I am eligible and have remaining benefits to take the “LACAS-UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYS VOCATION” courses offered by the SSA-approved licenses and certifications institution “Clemson Drone” (facility code 46P00540)?   This is a different facility code than Clemson University.  The course fee is $3,500.  They have asked me to remind you that they are approved as a License and Certification (LACAS) provider and NOT as a Program, OJT, or Institution provider.  (If the VA representative looks up Clemson Drone as anything other than a LACAS, it will incorrectly show that the program was "withdrawn" on Jan 26th, 2023.)  Clemson Drone's approval can be verified using the LACAS WEAMS system by following the steps outlined at this website:  


Step #2:  Enroll in the course by clicking here.  Select the option “Yes – Eligible for 100% VA reimbursement” in the dropdown field.  Click the “Enroll Now” button and enter your payment information.  A receipt will be emailed to you immediately, and Dr. Burgett will contact you within 24 hours with additional course information. 


Step #3:  Complete the course over eight weeks.  Clemson Drone will provide you with an enrollment verification letter (sample).


Step #4:  Complete VA Form 22-10272 (course) and VA Form 22-0803 (exam) for reimbursement.  Some of the fields have been completed for you.  Mail the completed VA forms and the course completion letter received by Clemson Drone to the VA.  The address is provided on the last page of the VA form.  

Trust but Verify!
Click here to learn how to verify Clemson Drone is an approved provider.


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