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Clemson Drone Verification

How can I verify that Clemson Drone has been approved as a preparatory (prep) course provider for licensing or certification tests?


1)  Go to the VA's WEAMS Licenses/Certification Search online tool at:

2)  Copy and paste "UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS" in the L&C Name field.  Use the drop-down to select "Certification."  Hit the enter key to search.

VA Lookup1.png

3)  Click the first blue hyperlink that reads "UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS."  The first hyperlink shows the Clemson Drone is an approved trainer for a $3,500 course.  The second hyperlink shows they will reimburse the exam cost of $175.

VA Lookup2.png

4)  Note that the prep course has been approved for $3,500.  Now, click the "Institution Profile" to find Clemson Drone as an approved provider.

VA Lookup3.png
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