Comprehensive Online Drone Course for Contractors and Surveyors


Offered through Clemson University

Next Class starts October 4th

Course Overview

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How are drones changing the game?

  • Improving efficiency with better communication


  • Creating stunning marketing videos and imagery


  • Verifying invoices with drone-based quantity take-offs


  • Documenting site conditions with rich 3D models in a matter of minutes


  • Inspecting conditions from a safe location or broadcasting a live stream


  • Creating orthophotos and topo maps with hyper-dense point clouds

Applied Drone Technology
This 5-module course teaches fundamental commercial drone operations and software applications. The key learning objectives include 1) passing the FAA Part 107 exam, 2) learning to create 3-D models from drone data, 3) a wide range of practical skillsets such as filing FAA waivers, requesting ATC authorization and programming autonomous missions, and 4) flight skills. The 3-D models and maps will be created using ContextCapture, one the industry’s leading SfM software packages. The course uses a cutting-edge flight simulation program to teach flight skills. Access to ContextCapture and the flight simulator are included with the course.
Students can complete the 5-modules at their own speed over 10 weeks. A comprehensive library of videos, voiceover PowerPoints and written e-material will clearly communicate how to complete the course activities and teach you essential drone skillsets.​
Skills you will Learn
  • Earn Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate​

  • Learn to fly with cutting edge simulator

  • Create professional grade surveys, maps, and topos

  • Quantity take-offs

  • How to request Air Traffic Control Authorization

  • Drone insurance

  • Privacy rules


Joe “Dr. Drone” Burgett is a tenured faculty member in the Nieri Family Department of Construction Science and Management at Clemson University. He has been in university-level academics since 2010 and teaches both undergraduate and graduate-level courses on drone application in the built environment. By trade, Dr. Burgett is a General Contractor and has spent many years teaching online courses for the trade unions. His primary area of research is in applied drone technology and has worked extensively with the SCDOT. 

3D Model from Drone Data

Two Course Delivery Options
Next Class Starts on October 4th

• Next Class starts Oct 4th

• Self-paced, learn at your own speed delivery

• 10 weeks to complete coursework

• Comprehensive library of videos and written content.

• $1,500 enrollment

• Open enrollment


• Next class starts Oct 4th

• Structured week-by-week coursework

• 5-week accelerated curriculum complete

• Weekly conference call instruction

• $3,500 enrollment

• Space is limited

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