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Online Drone Courses 
Hosted By Clemson University

Pass the FAA Exam

Three Certifications in One Class

FAA Part 107 Remote 
Pilot Certificate

APSA Flight Proficiency Certificate

Level 1 Thermography Certificate


Part 107 


Earning your Part 107 Remote Pilots Certificate is required by the FAA for all commercial drone operations.  This course walks you through everything you need to know to pass the exam.  98% pass rate.                                            

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Infrared Thermal Imagery

There is more to infrared thermography than just taking a picture.  It is critical to understand the science behind it to correctly interpret thermograms.  Strengthen your credibility & set yourself apart with the ASNT SNT-TC-IA Level 1 Thermography Certificate.


3D Models and


Drones can provide great marketing material but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Create and share 3D as-builts, maps and orthophotos to update your clients and document progress.  Software included.

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Passing the Part 107 test is one thing but knowing how to maintain compliance is another.  Learn about professional tools to request ATC authorization, airspace,  drone-specific weather, and much more.  All apps and online tools included.

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Learn to Fly with our Simulator

Our cutting-edge flight simulator teaches you how to fly.  You'll learn stick control, how to gauge distance and feel confident operating a drone before putting an actual aircraft at risk.  Software and controller included.


APSA Flight Certification

Would you want someone to have a driver's license with only a knowledge test?  Then why is the Part 107 test enough for drones?  Earn the the APSA flight proficiency certificate.  The certification exam is given online with the simulator.

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The UAS Vocation class is eligible for full reimbursement using Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits.  Click here to learn more.

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"I really enjoyed the photogrammetry component of this course.  I learned so much more than I anticipated."  Christopher Mack, SC High School Teacher.

Clemson Drone Training


Joe “Dr. Drone” Burgett is a tenured professor in the Nieri Department of Construction Development and Planning at Clemson University. He has been in university-level academics since 2010 and teaches both undergraduate and graduate-level courses on drone application in the built environment. By trade, Dr. Burgett is a general contractor and has spent many years teaching online courses for the trade unions. His primary area of research is in applied drone technology, and he has worked extensively with the SCDOT. 

"Robo grading" does not give a Clemson-level experience.  Dr. Burgett provides students with customized feedback for every course they complete.

Clemson Drone Training

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Hosted By Clemson University

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