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FAA Delays the Compliance Date of Remote ID

After significant input and concern from various user groups about the difficulty procuring remote broadcast modules and several manufacturers’ inability to push Remote ID firmware updates, the FAA has just announced (September 13th) that they will extend the compliance date by six months. The previous compliance date of all UAS operations outside of FRIAs was originally September 16th, 2023. This date has now been extended to March 16th, 2024.

To meet this deadline, drone operators can acquire a standard drone equipped with Remote ID technology from a manufacturer or procure a Remote ID broadcast module that can be securely affixed to pre-existing drones lacking Remote ID capabilities. Remote ID serves as a digital license plate, facilitating the capacity of the FAA, law enforcement agencies, and other federal entities to pinpoint the control station's location when a drone engages in unsafe flight activities or operates within restricted airspace.

You can learn more about Remote ID and the extension at the links below:

  1. Dr. Burgett’s Past Blog Post

  2. FAA Announcement

  3. Remote ID Rule: CFR Title 14 Part 89

  4. Enforcement Policy Regarding Operator Compliance Deadline or Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft

  5. FAA Remote Identification Page

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